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General Terms and Conditions of KSA Sports (KSA) GmbH

Valid from January 2023

1. Registration

Registrations can be made in writing by mail, e-mail and online via the homepage. They are considered in the order of receipt and are binding. With the registration, the General Course Conditions & Rules as well as any course-specific booking conditions are accepted. To ensure quality standards from the KSA, minimum / maximum attendance numbers apply to all course offerings (see details of offerings). The realization of courses is not guaranteed. Accordingly, registration does not guarantee a place on the course.

2. Course fee

The invoice sent with the registration confirmation is payable by the specified date before the start of the course and thereafter entitles the participant to attend the selected course. From the second reminder on, the KSA will charge a processing fee of Fr. 30.00. Cash payment on the spot is possible only in specially mentioned cases. For courses that can be offered and booked directly via the homepage, payment is made via Twint or direct debit. This also applies to all club offers.


3. Deregistrations

If the course already booked cannot be attended, written notice of cancellation must be given to the KSA. Non-payment of the course fee does not count as cancellation. Cancellation fees will be charged for cancellations received up to 14 calendar days prior to the start of the course:

  • für Einzelkurse / Module – Buchungen keine Kosten 
  • für Abo- Kurse / Module über Fr. 300.00: 15% der Kurskosten;

in case of later cancellation or withdrawal after the beginning of the course: 100% of the course or module costs. Deviating regulations according to course-specific booking conditions remain reserved. Claims from third parties for accommodation, meals, travel, etc. will be passed on by the KSA.


4. Course cancellation

In case of insufficient demand or for other organizational reasons, a course or module may be cancelled. The enrollees will be informed in time and will get back the paid course fees. The KSA does not assume any further obligation to indemnify.


5. Course organization

For organizational reasons, individual courses and modules may be postponed, combined or held in an alternative location. The affected participants will be informed in due time. If necessary, the KSA may change the course director or appoint an equally qualified substitute.


6. Missed lessons

The right to participate in the booked course is personal and non-transferable. Lessons not attended due to illness, vacation, etc. do not entitle the student to a make-up or reduction in course fees.
Exception: In the case of long-term courses (over several months), if the participant is unable to attend at least three consecutive lessons of the same course period, the KSA will credit the corresponding equivalent value to the customer’s account after the course period has expired and a medical certificate has been submitted within two weeks of the last course day.


7. Health certificate

Participation in the courses offered by the KSA requires an adequate state of health. The parents of the participating children are obliged to inform the training management of any personal impairments of a physical or psychological nature of the children. In cases of doubt, the KSA may request a medical certificate of health. Course participants may be excluded from further participation in the course for personal reasons without refund of the course fee.


8. Insurance & Supervision

The parents of the course participants are responsible for sufficient insurance coverage (illness, accident, liability, cancellation costs, etc.). The KSA accepts no liability for any damage of any kind that may occur in the courses offered or arranged.


9. Privacy

Privacy & photo material

The data collected in the course registration process will be treated confidentially. They are used exclusively for internal purposes and are not passed on to third parties. When booking courses, KSA customers agree that visual material from the trainings may be used for promotional purposes (website & social media).


10. Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to the course and module descriptions as well as the general course conditions in writing. Should one of the preceding provisions not be applicable, the validity of the remaining course conditions remains unaffected. Course descriptions are part of the General Course Conditions.


11. Jurisdiction

Swiss law shall apply to all legal relations with the KSA. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

General rules for the sports and children’s courses and modules: The set of rules for the sports units for children and youth provides:

    • Parents stay away from the lessons except for the last 5 minutes
  • Parents should always be reachable by phone during the training session
  • Drinks are welcome / food is not
  • No toys (dolls, books, etc.) will be brought to class
  • Training material is provided except for the tennis rackets – except for the courses A1 and A2, where we also provide the tennis rackets.
  • Sports clothing and sports shoes with smooth soles are to be brought along (applies to courses A1-A3)
  • The summer training of TC Riesbach takes place on clay courts, so please wear clay court shoes.
  • in summer, towels, cap as sun protection and sun cream are recommended
  • If a child is not fit or healthy, he/she will not be allowed to participate in the training on that day.
  • Exclusion from training: the KSA reserves the right to exclude training participants from a group in individual cases if the instructions of the trainer are not followed despite warnings or if the lessons are disturbed.